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Spray painting services in Napier for all needs

Not just cars, but spray painters of choice for a wide variety of surfaces

What comes to mind when you think of spray painting? Probably, cars, but when you look at our website it paints a different picture.. we are all trained in the Furniture Industry and are Quailfied Furniture Finishers NZ

What we provide is a spacious workshop and spraybooths that cater for all sizes of work big or small... plus we offer a huge range of spray painting services in Napier, Hastings, Taupo

Also we pickup and deliver

 Our range of colours and finishes is only limited by your imagination and budget, and we know the closely held secrets of the trade that guarantee a first class job every time!


Spray painting and finishing services in Napier

Just about any surface that needs paint, can be spray painted. We spray paint metal, glass, plastic, and even timber to create a finish that's so good, you could shave in it!

We have vast experience spray painting all surfaces and will advise on the paint and process required to achieve the best finish for each individual customer.  


Clear coats for Copper

These days powder coating is becoming more and more popular, but spray painting offers many advantages. Any surface can be spray painted and an infinite range of colours and finishes is available. Spray painting is also a very flexible finish and we can go where no other coating process can, making it the ideal choice for awkward and complex seen in photo above clear coating on copper Langham Hotel Aucklandthis work required to have a product to protect the copper but also handle the heat from the ovens. 

On or off-site?

Spray painting job in Napier

We have the facilities to handle most spray painting jobs, but some jobs are better completed on-site. This can be due to the size or mobility of the object to be sprayed, and we will carry out all necessary safety procedures to ensure you and your staff are safe from the different chemicals involved in the spray painting process. The above photo showing one of our staff  spraying a Bar top for a local Hawkes Bay Bar.. notice the temporary spray booth erected on site also by using low pressure design spray pumps for this purpose keeps dust and overspray down so we can achieve the best finish on site .   

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